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Bitdefender has always been my personal favorite antivirus and internet security products. I am one of the longest Bitdefender users, as I have been their loyal user for the past couple of years now. I can testify that their products are one of the best and offers the most comprehensive computer security features that money can buy. Over the years, I upgraded myself from Bitdefender Antivirus to their Internet Security suite, and finally, I'm currently using their Bitdefender Total Security at the moment.

Bitdefender has always performed flawlessly over the past couple of years, whereby their ever revolutionary antivirus scanning technology has surpassed most of their competitors, making them one of the most efficient antivirus scanners in the market. Personally, I have used so many mainstream antivirus programs in the market, but none has matched Bitdefender in terms of speed, and computer virus detection capabilities.

Bitdefender works on an assorted range of platforms - namely Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and many more. Bitdefender also has a Mac line, whereby you can install Bitdefender Mac on your Apple PC, and it will operate extremely well!

Basically, with so many mainstream antivirus suites out there, there are some that are deemed too ‘restrictive’, while others that are less restrictive are often not effective in detecting computer viruses in your computer. Bitdefender nevertheless, utilizes a cloud-based antivirus database that allows their program to flawlessly detect the latest malware threats out there.

Of course, if you have been using computer security products that are not effective in protecting your computer, you should definitely upgrade your computer security product with Bitdefender. Personally, I would recommend you to give Bitdefender's free trial a try, as clearly, you'll definitely find their products to be very good.

Because of this cloud-based linked antivirus engine, computers are always protected 24/7 round the clock. However, judging by the fact that the antivirus relies on the cloud-based database that needs an internet connection to download, it is a requirement to have good internet connectivity whenever a new virus database download, so that the information can be zipped directly into your computer.

When my friend and other peers ask me for recommendations on a reliable and working antivirus suite, I will always point my fingers to Bitdefender, because I trust this antivirus suite, and would definitely recommend my peers to give it a try, most definitely as this program works effectively on my computer. In fact, Bitdefender can scan in record time, and I do not have problems with false positives too, which is a big bonus in an antivirus suite.

Bitdefender offers an array of features, whereby you can rely on their software to be an effective antivirus program. You can also be sure that their Internet Security suite to provide you with one of the best and most comprehensive firewall protection in the market. And if you require a more comprehensive PC protection suite, you should definitely upgrade your computer security to the latest Bitdefender Total Protection suite, as they are currently the world leader in computer security region.

Well, for those who are searching for something rather more advanced, I believe that Bitdefender Internet Security would serve you well, clearly because this piece of technological innovation has the raw power to provide you with top notch antivirus protection, as well as network protection.

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The Bitdefender Internet Security comes with the regular antivirus engine, and to top the notch even higher, the program would actively scan your internet connection for malware when the software is activated. Judging by the fact that most of us surf the internet these days, it is imperative that you should protect your computer with an antivirus and internet security suite, as this would help you safeguard your PC against internet-spread malware.

Bitdefender's products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. If you compare Bitdefender with some of the most prominent computer security products in the market, like Kaspersky, Norton-Symantec, Trend Micro, McAfee, and etc, you can be sure that Bitdefender supersedes these products by a huge market. If you just research a little bit more on Bitdefender's virus detection capabilities, you'd be amazed that top security labs out there rate Bitdefender's virus detection capabilities that is far superior that most top antivirus and internet security products in the market.

On the other hand, if you are searching for an even more effective and all-rounded antivirus and malware protection program, you can’t go wrong with Bitdefender Total Security. Unlike Bitdefender Antivirus suite, which only provides antivirus protection, and Bitdefender Internet Security, which provides both antivirus and internet security protection, the Bitdefender Total Security takes things even further with an all-rounded computer protection.

Just think of Bitdefender Total Security as a tank which has an all-rounded protection against its core system, namely the occupants of the tank – or in this case, you computer! Bitdefender Total Security provides a high grade protection for your PC against the most vicious and malicious malware out there, and you can expect the program to provide you with high-grade computer security protection.

Bitdefender Coupon Code 2014 Home - Bitdefender Coupon Code 2014

Bitdefender offers a wide range of features in their internet security suite. For instance, Bitdefender Internet Security automatically comes with a free firewall, whereby once you install and activate the Internet Security Suite, the firewall is built into the software program. It takes very little effort to maintain the firewall, as it comes with a comprehensive pre-set settings that allow maximum work efficiency, while you will have maximum firewall protection against top network security threats out there.

And when it comes to protecting my PCs at home, my house has 10 computers, which consist of laptops, desktops, tablets, and even smartphones, and these devices are protected by Bitdefender computer security suites. My desktops and laptops are protected with Bitdefender Internet Security, while a server grade computer is running Bitdefender Total Security. And my smartphones and tablets are protected by Bitdefender’s Mobile Security.

Bitdefender Coupon Code 2014 Home - Bitdefender Coupon Code 2014

Over the years, I have very minimal malware breaches on my systems. A year has 365 days, and I don’t really remember any of these days I encounter difficult situations whereby my computer is breached by malware.

Generally, one of the main reasons malware can’t breach my computer systems is because before the malware could be even downloaded onto my computers, Bitdefender computer security suite would block the malware from entering my system – and this effectively stops the malware from infesting my system.

One of the main method of virus infection is through the network in the 21st century. Previously, computer viruses are spread through floppy disk drives. And once thumb drives started its revolution, these became the primary medium for computer virus infections. And basically computer viruses have evolved to become network viruses, whereby viruses like trojan horses or malware can be easily distributed via the network, and you won't even know that your computer is infected by these malware, unless you have excellent antivirus and internet security protection, like the one offered by Bitdefender!

Naturally, Bitdefender comes with several protective layers that surround your system. Firstly, when you access a website, Bitdefender will check its massive database to determine whether the respective website is a reported scam site, forgery, phishing, or simply a website that is infected by malware.

Bitdefender Coupon Code 2014 Home - Bitdefender Coupon Code 2014

Bitdefender recognizes the threat of viruses spread through the internet and that is why their security products are equipped with the necessary security module to thwart such threats. For instance, Bitdefender Internet Security would pre-scan the web page that you are trying to access, and once it detects malware on that page, it would be automatically blocked so that it won't even have a chance to enter your system. Also, their database is updated regularly, which gives your computer extra layer of protection, as it will detect the latest virus definitions out there.

If the website passed the scam, forgery, and phishing scanner, it will then be temporary loaded in Bitdefender’s safe environment, and the security suite would dutifully scan it for malware. If malware is detected, the page would cease to load, and thus stopping malware from entering your computer via your web browser.

On the other hand, Bitdefender also actively scans your internet connection by integrating itself into your computer’s network socket. All network connections made by your computer would need to go through Bitdefender’s active scanner, and if malware or suspicious network activity is detected, Bitdefender would spring into action, and would apply the necessary security measures to close the security breach.

I have been a user of many computer security products in the market, and I can testify that Bitdefender is definitely on par with some of the best security products out there. Previously, my personal favorite security product is from Kaspersky and Norton-Symantec, but my love for them dwindled, as their program caused an array of problems for me. For instance, both Kaspersky and Norton-Symantec is a resource hogger, and whenever I run a full scan, it will make my entire computer system inoperable.

Personally, I find Bitdefender’s selling price point of view to be very attractive indeed. Unlike other mainstream computer security suites, most of these mainstream computer security suites would charge you an arm and a leg for you to purchase their license. Bitdefender, on the other hand, gives you a very affordable approach to subscribe to their program.

Bitdefender Coupon Code 2014 Home - Bitdefender Coupon Code 2014

Bitdefender computer security suite is one of the most affordable in the market. Basically, you can get Bitdefender for FREE! How much lower price you can get with a computer security suite? Nevertheless, there are several other upgrade options available that you can opt for, in which when you upgrade your security suite, you’ll receive an industry’s leading computer support in the process, and their professional support team will give you the necessary support to help you get started with their software.

Kaspersky would take so much of my computer resources, in terms of processing power and hard drive access, this makes it extremely difficult for me to do my work when a full computer scan is on the way on my computer system. Bitdefender is different, as I do not encounter such problems. Computer scans are a breeze, and I can always do my work on my PC whenever a large scan is running on my computer. Of course, I would definitely recommend Bitdefender Internet Security as your minimum computer security products, and I can testify that they are definitely worth the buy.

If you are lucky enough, Bitdefender runs one of the craziest promotional campaigns all year round, whereby their promotion gives you some of the best offers in town. For instance, there’s a Bitdefender promotional deal which entitles you to purchase their Internet Security suite for just $70++, and this license is valid lifetime! – That means it’s a one time purchase, but you get lifetime updates for their product!

Bitdefender Coupon Code 2014 Home - Bitdefender Coupon Code 2014

Bitdefender Coupon 2015 is easy to use. I have made it simple for savvy shoppers like you to purchase Bitdefender products through my coupon links. Just find a Bitdefender Coupon that matches your type of purchase and select it. Once the right Bitdefender Coupon 2015 is clicked, the promotional offer would be on the page on your computer.

And in another instance, you get to purchase Bitdefender product for 50% off! That means Bitdefender Antivirus only costs $10++, while internet security would set you to $19, and Total Security for $23 only! However, these promotional campaigns are seasonal and I would advice you to keep watch on their latest promo, so that you’ll stay updated with the latest promotional deals by Bitdefender.

Bitdefender Coupon Code 2014 Home - Bitdefender Coupon Code 2014

Of course, if you have made up your mind and you would like to purchase your very first Bitdefender security suite, I would like to remind you that I have several Bitdefender coupons 2015 in store for you! If you scroll back up further to the middle of this web page, you’ll find my Bitdefender coupon 2015 list in that particular section.

There are several Bitdefender coupon 2015 that you can find on this page. The Bitdefender coupon are for Bitdefender Antivirus, Bitdefender Internet Security, and Bitdefender Total Security. You can also find Bitdefender coupon for Bitdefender Mac, Bitdefender Family Pack, Bitdefender Sphere and more.

The respective Bitdefender coupon would provide you with an average savings of $51.80 on a huge range of Bitdefender products, and I have personally verified the coupon list, just to ensure that the coupons are 100% up and running, and would provide you with the necessary savings to your purchase.

Bitdefender Antivirus Coupon 2015 can be found here. This particular coupon would entitle you to up to 10 months free extension to your purchase. Bitdefender Internet Security Coupon 2015 on the other hand, is also similar to the antivirus coupon. Basically you will get an additional 10 months free subscription once you activate it.

My Bitdefender coupon is very easy to use – just pick a coupon code for the product that you would like to purchase, and click on it. Once you have activated the coupon code, the coupon snippet would automatically redirect you to the promotional page, and the coupon code would be pasted on your clipboard.

Just paste the copied Bitdefender promo code into the respective coupon code slot in your shopping cart and checkout. Once the system accepts your coupon code, you’ll see that the discount would be deducted from your overall purchase total.

If you want better promotional deal for Bitdefender Total Security 2015, you've come to the right place! Over here, you'll find Bitdefender Total Security Coupon 2015 at the top of the page. The respective promotional offer changes over time, and I recommend you to take advantage of the latest promotional offer found here, as you might not get the same offer the following day! Of course, I can guarantee that the Bitdefender coupon are 100% working, as I have tested it myself.

So the next time you want to purchase Bitdefender products, be sure to visit my web page to get the latest Bitdefender coupon 2015. I'm pretty sure you won't regret purchasing Bitdefender through my page. Browse back up the page for the latest working Bitdefender coupon code 2015 today!

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